Monday, 28 February 2011

And then this.....

SOMETIMES I despair of Paignton.
Our 'flagship store' is now a 99p store, and the only new business to open in the town centre recently is a pawn shop that does payday loans.
It can be a very depressing place indeed.
And then this....
The morning sun hangs over the bay, framed by a few wispy clouds. The reflection blazes a path across the water.
It's warm again, and there are daffodils, just like in the Enchanted Village.
I get to drive this road to work every day or, if I take the sea-front road instead, the view is even better.
Yesterday I ran six miles with Nanna in the early morning sunshine, including a stretch along the beach. I had a bad boy breakfast with family and friends, met the gentlemen of Fire For Effect, watched a bit of rugby and took Reg and Baxter for a long, muddy walk on the coast path.
The robin was back in Speaker's Corner in the late afternoon sunshine and then we stood in wonder as the International Space Station crossed the cloudless night sky over our house.
Twitter told us it was coming from due west at 7.01pm and, sure enough, Mrs H was first to spot a bright spark coming straight up out of the glow of the street lights. It went silently over our heads, then faded and disappeared over the horizon out across the water.
Ain't that a wonderment?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


A thick mist hung over the houses and wrapped itself round the trees.
The cars were going nowhere as the roadworks slowed them to a standstill.
Reg and I didn't need to use the crossing lights to navigate the main road on our way out or back, and I'm not sure the same cars weren't stuck there on the return journey anyway.
A long line of headlights faded back through the mist.
The air smelled heavily of cigarette smoke and the sickly tang of Red Bull, a sure sign that the trudge to school had begun.
The garage shop does a roaring trade in fags, energy drinks and Haribo sweets.
Doesn't anyone go to school on Ready Brek any more?