Monday, 9 August 2010

Man the lifeboat!

THE Torbay lifeboat looked tremendous in Paignton Harbour tonight. coming in on the rising tide just after the Paignton ARC youngsters had brought Wave Dancer in after their training row.
Coxswain Criddle brought the Beth Sell = standing in for Torbay's regular lifeboat which is in for a service - alongside after Ken Lane had moved the Dart Princess out of his way, without the use of any bow thrusters, as he pointed out.
A queue of people went on board for a look at the impressive lifeboat, and hopefully Mike and his collectors got a few coins in their buckets.
Elsewhere the stamp collectors had a busy day on the Green and the allotment garden is finished, complete with Anderson shelter.
There was dancing and singing, and moving to the grooving, and some impromptu ballroom steps from the committee.
On Tuesday it's fireworks, with the first firework a little after 9.30pm. The fun starts well before that, however, so come down and see us.
Don't forget, the quizzes are still being sold, you can still win a tandem sky dive with the Red Devils, and the fairground is still in full swing.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Over here

AS expected, it's getting busy at the regatta. I'm over here right now.
Why not come down to the Green and join in the fun!